The greatest gifts you can give your children are the roots of responsibility and the wings of independence

John Smith




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Teeny Dreamers playschool, embraces childhood as a magical time. Children learn as they play, most importantly through play, children learn how to learn.
I am fascinated by young children and find so much joy around them, their wild imagination and curiosity behind their chatter, the little things they say, it always puts a smile on my face because at this age they are so innocent and just down right honest, they tell it like it is…..
Getting to experience things with them for the very first time through their eyes is extremely special and rewarding.. Witnessing ground breaking moments!! Resulting in high fives …. So awesome!!
Having years of experience molding these little minds, preparing them for the big world, I decided to open my playgroup… We are new and excited to take this journey with our little students and look forward to a future of exciting fun learning adventures.
The school is designed to feel like a home away from home for children and their families. It is a facility where parents can feel confident that their children are receiving the very best care and education, and an abundance of love.
The mission of Teeny Dreamers is to provide a safe, stimulating, and caring environment for children ages 20 months to 3 years. Our focus is to provide an encouraging educational experience, promoting social, emotional and physical development. We strive to give parents complete peace of mind.
Our goal is for parents to feel good about their childcare choice, and that the children are safe, engaged, educated, and smiling. Each day promises an exciting new adventure, and we make sure each child experiences the joys of a truly caring environment.
And for the future, we want these children to warmly look back at their experience with us and see it as a cherished part of their childhood.